Barney's NY Japan x Sand by Saya this summer is now official!

Yes, Barney's NY Japan is going to sell our sandals this summer!

        Barnyes-NY1 Barneys-New-York-new-shoes-section-on-fifth-floor

Imagine where will our sandal collection be displayed at their shoe section

barneys-new-york-spring-2010-ad-campaign-by-terry-richardson-100310-4 Gaga's Workshop Ribbon Cutting At Barneys New York With Lady Gaga    

Sand by Saya is officially with Barney's NY Japan, home of luxury designer handbags, shoes and clothing!

  555162_468674486533189_426109283_n 59172_468674433199861_1096868533_n  

Almost all of the celebrities shop at Barney's. Now, let us see which celebrities will wear our sandals!

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