Sandals Make News!

Celebrity8 Celebrity7 Celebrity6 Celebrity5 Celebrity4 Celebrity3 Celebrity2 Celebrity1 Sandals play an important role in making a style statement! It always makes headlines. Especially when it's got to do with celebrities.. From Anne Hathaway's bondage-inspired sandals at the Les miserables premiere, Kim Kardashian's Sigerson Morrison studded gladiator sandals, Miranda Kerr wearing jeweled sandals, Jessica Alba in her studded platform sandals, actress Hayden Panettiere accessorizing her skinny jeans and top outfit with flat studded sandals, Stacy Keibler in green shorts and matching green-jeweled sandals, Keira Knightley wearing a red plaid dress and understated jeweled sandals to Carey Mulligan in her nude Balenciaga studded sandals. It's always a topic for some gossip!  

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