Take a rest in the Noguchi museum

[caption id="attachment_7809" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Take a rest in the Noguchi museum Take a rest in the Noguchi museum[/caption] Hello everyone! I went to the Noguchi museum last Friday. From 5 to 8pm on every Friday, entrance is free. So you can see the high quality art works for free!! The address is 9-01 33rd Rd, New York. It's far from Manhattan, but when you go there, you'll be glad you decided to come! You can see the well made scuptures and take a rest with a fresh air in the garden. The Museum seeks to honor and preserve the unique setting designed by Noguchi and to exhibit a core group of works for permanent viewing. The Museum encourages and facilitates nationally and internationally organized exhibitions and projects related to Noguchi’s work. It's time to take a moment to relax, seeing the scuptures and blue sky.