Crystie Flower - Women's Flat Matte Sandal
Crystie Flower - Women's Flat Sandal, White, Flower
Pink Christie Flower Flat Women's Sandals  flower
Crystie Flower - Women's Flat Matte Sandal
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Crystie Flower - Women's Flat Matte Sandal

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About Product:
  • This motif is made of white mesh fabric petals and a gold plated center.
  • 4 Sizes: US 5.5 – US 8.5 — Size Chart.
  • Limited design available only on online
  • Motif Dimensions - 3 x 3 in / 8 x 8 cm.
  • Hand made motif (Made in New York).


  • A comfortable cushioned rubber surface and soft straps for long walks.
  • Sandal body is made with durable material for long term use.
  • Strong strap with invisible stopper inside of sole.
  • Approved for 300 newton.


  • Insole-EVA/ Outsole-Rubber/ Strap-PVC.


  • Wash the sandal body with soap to maintain the cleanness of the products.

About Shipment:

  • Products will ship from New York City and can be sent internationally.
  • Only 1 to 4 business days for production.
  • Every sandals are made to order.
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Our Campaign:

  • Part of sales will go to to preserve clean water.