Sand by Saya manufacture our products using a retro, one of a kind sewing machine with hand sewn techniques in our in-house New York Showroom. We make the sandals individually with dedicated love based on each person's need. We are environmentally conscious! Our handmade sandals are non tonic and energy friendly. We donate our part of sales to Greenpeace.org.
Our sandals have the flirty appeal of heals, without the pain. It's evident that these sandals are not just for the beach, city gals have just as much use for them, as the peripatetic nature of the city demands a lot of walking.  


Sand by Saya sandals are perfect for a day shopping, yoga, pool lounging, or at relaxing at the beach resort. Every pair is coming with out original bag. Put your heals in this carriable bag and enjoy the comfort of our sandals!